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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Welcome to My Blog

I want to thank you for visiting my blog.

I am committed to providing a environment of tolerance for differing opinions. I will limit contributions to the discussion only on the basis of 1) gross inaccuracy (multiple and valid contradictions of facts) 2) attacks of a personal nature and 3) excessively tedious or wordy entries.

Otherwise, please contribute. I, John Peebles, believe free speech to be a universal right. While I may maintain a set of values associated with progressives, I don't see any value in labelling and pigeon-holing, as hiding behind battlelines of political differentation does little to dissect the core issues.

I am not the one to say what is important and what isn't: what one person takes for granted may be the sustenance of life to another. For that reason, dismissals of opinion should be based solidly on "the facts." (Attorneys will wink at that one.)

You are welcome here. I will try to offer a number of threads if the system allows. While I may sort content, I will do my best to frame and preserve whatever subjects I can through constructive organizing and archiving.

Once again thanks for coming.