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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome to jbpeebles

jbpeebles is blog designed to entertain the politically minded.

Its author is a 40-year-old writer from a red state.

Jb stands for John Bartlett, and peebles is the blogger's last name.

I've been published online and hope to use this blog as a centralized repository of links to information, op-ed pieces. I'd like to republished some of my aticles here, or at least link them from here.

I do plan to offer my favorite quotations, possibly some pictures and podcasts here at jbpeebles.blogspot.com. I may move written content here and link to another site from here for non-written media.

As an amateur writer, I'm still developing my work and distributing it from a relatively low level of sophistication. I have however been writing off and on for 13 years, both fiction and non-fiction, with a strong thrust towards the political since the Iraq War.

On the positive side, I think I can discuss and analyze timely and important issues and world events. I have travel and living experience abroad, and have a broader worldview than those who imagine the world from the inside out. In the sense I'm a news blogger/political writer, I believe in the power of red pill journalism, and an effort to drive towards the truth in every exchange.

Unfortunately, my editing skills are still being improved, even though school culminated in a Master's Degree in International Management. I do have access to the services of a professional editor, my mother! I hope you, my reader, will bear with me as the quality of my work improves.

Personally, I'm a strong environmental advocate. I've worked on sprawl issues in the past. I do some nature photography in the area I live.

I was a former English teacher in Japan. My Japanese is a little rusty , but I can ramp up to proficiency if need be.

jbpeebles is here because I have things to say. Some of my opinions you may disagree with but I hope I can do adequate service with the facts as I understand them.

I've committed to making comment open and available for subsequent posts, subject to some conditions. My purpose is to provide well-written commentary for this blog, out of the belief that as we learn more, we are enlightened.

I may be accused of being many things, but I hope at the end of my articles you will be challenged about things you may have falsely believed. Of course my version of truth may not be identical to yours, but I'm constantly striving to encourage debate on the facts, with the intent of separating truth from non-truth.


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