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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Article Submitted to Op-Ed News

My article, "US at the boundaries of empire" can be found here on opednews.com

I granted them an exclusive, so I won't be able to post here until approximately midnight tonight, the 16th. I may elect to wait to publish here for a few days being that the article has been published.

I've found a good number of news sources on the invasion of Georgia. Contrary to mainstream media reports in the US, Georgian troops initiated the hostilities.

I'm still trying to find out why. Surely they had to know the Russians would counterattack. Perhaps they merely underestimated the strength of the reaction.

Here are additional news sources reporting on the Russo-Georgian War that I've come across since writing the article:

1) Halfway down this article by Ellen Brown in her website www.webofdebt.com

2) via Tom Dispatch, a good interview of Andrew Bacevich by Michael Winship of Bill Moyers Journal.

3) Pat Buchanan (yes, I know) and I do share common ground on anti-interventionism. That concept seems to be quite popular in conservative circles these days. Alas, where was it back in 2002, before the war began?

4) Blowout piece in Opednews by Allen Roland (I commented there.) Bush might have been driven to get drunk in Beijing because he's no longer the one calling the shots. See the photos, etc. on this! I yahoo'ed " Bush Beijing drunk "

5)Juan Cole for salon.com, as posted by commondreams.org.

6)Interview--beware: with sticky ads--of Michael Klare on Christian Science Monitor, an expert on petropolitics whose opinion I've always respected.

7) Also good is Drums of Change by Harold Meyerson in American Prospect.

Hope you enjoy the links.

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