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Friday, December 05, 2008

See "Road to change goes through Washington"

I was just published on OpEdNews.com.

The article examines Barack Obama's approach. His emphasis appears to be on reconciliation and compromise. He's trying to generate change through the government.

It's a good article I hope you'll check out. I'll post some additional comments here as well.

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  • At 3:47 PM, Blogger jbpeebles said…

    I left the following under an article about Obama at commondreams.org:

    ...A tide of skepticism grows. To be honest, I haven't beenthe only one who's held back on criticizing Obama because I was scared of a McCain victory. With Obama's true colors unfurling, it's clear he lied. The only question is whether or not he can accomplish some of what he'd said he'd do.

    Obama's effectiveness in Washington will be a bigger determinant of his success than his scorecard with progressives. To get change accomplished, it'll take the cooperation of the DC bureaucracy as well as progressives. In this regard we can't abandon him now, much less before he's even taken office.

    I talked about Obama's use of compromise and reconciliation, two tools that Bush ritually ignored, in my most recent article on OpEdNews, "Road to Change goes through Washington."

    Obama can't change anything by himself, so his election is just a first step. Don't let inconsistencies undermine support for change, or get apathetic about the changes that lie ahead. We need to stay informed and participate.

  • At 4:13 PM, Blogger jbpeebles said…

    Posted the following in response to a comment from Jerry Rose of The Sun State Activist. He spells his position on the Obama betrayal out at his website here.

    ~start comment~
    I came here via your post on commondreams.org, which I thought brought up the very interesting "lesser evil" point, which is, as I see it, the realization that a lesser evil is still evil. I'd recommend looking at what swopa at needlenose.com has been saying on this issue, if you have the time and energy to dig it up.
    Now as for apologists. I don't pretend to be the biggest Obama supporter, but he's not the President yet. Our silly, agrarian-age transition period has become something of an enigma in this age of instantaneous responses to sudden, climactic events. We have no leader now. Why not just boot Bush out the day after?

    I think there's a very real danger in letting the new administration falter under a lack of support. A lot of people who voted for Obama did so because they didn't like the alternative, which basically meant they felt there was no real choice at all. If we let the inadequacies of the system demotivate us, we'll let whatever real change Obama has in store fade into the realm of lost dreams. The ultimate sin at this point is giving up on Obama's message in entirety or simply assuming defeat because a few advisers aren't progressives.

    I know I'm taking a risk supporting Obama, considering how he's likely to be far less liberal than was advertized. I guess I never bought into the hype, so I'm not so surprised now that he was politicking (another word for lying) during the campaign. Still, to let the ray of hope die would be a big error at this point.

    The cross-posted politico article with our comments is here.


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