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Friday, March 06, 2009

Article posted on OpEdNews.com

My article, "More spending brings little change" was published on OpEdNews on Saturday.

I've been researching the private credit money fiasco. Since writing my article, I've come across high-value opinion pieces throughout the Web, including this excellent piece by Mike Whitney, When securitization blew up so did the economy.

My comment is there at dissidentvoice.org, complementing Whitney. Now if you're fairly new to the blogosphere, Whitney may be a new name to you, but he's been writing for a while now about complex economic issues, most notably the motives and actions behind the scenes and out of the eye of the mass media.

The dysfunction we're now experiencing is the financial equivalent of Naomi Klein's disaster capitalism: we didn't arrive here by chance. And there's a real benefit to getting the truth: if you're following people like Whitney and me, you're definitely not as surprised by the crisis or its severity.

For a hilarious poke at the comments by CNBC report Rick Santelli, see Jon Stewart's Comedy Central review.

My article does include a reference to Senator Bernie Sanders (S.-Vt.) , as part of a critique of our failed two-party system. I cite an article by John Nichols in the article, but since writing I found this squib about Sanders. On a personal note, I saw Sanders speak, with Nichols, at a media reform conference at the University of Illinois in May, 2005. {If you're wondering about the S. after Sanders' name, it stands for socialist, which Sanders is by his own admission, a reference you will not see in the mass media.}

As I say in my dv post, Sanders apparently got in a tangle with Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke during recent Senate subcommittee testimony. Bernanke said "no" when asked to reveal where TARP funds had been allocated; Sanders is sponsoring legislation to force the Fed to post on their website this information. See the squib in truthdig.

Hope to have the recently submitted article back and posted or linked here. In the meantime, I recommend my 2007 video of an antiwar protest, its accompanying still photos, and the link to sites where I've posted comments like OpEdNews and commondreams.org.

If you should have technical problems seeing the video, try to run the video several times, even if it breaks up first few times. Hopefully it will play without interruption after a few runs. I'm looking for a host that will cast streaming video. I would have done youtube, if I thought the picture quality was better. The video recorder I used at that rally was somewhat aged.

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